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Rolling Along In Stage 2

Monday, February 1st, 2010

I have really been procrastinating on updating this blog.  Sorry!  I got to move to stage 2 on January 8th.  Stage 2 means you get to eat some real foods and the limitation of physical activity has been lifted.  I celebrated moving to stage 2 by eating crab legs and mashed potatoes at Red Lobster.  I got to eat 2 whole ounces of crab legs and 1 ounce of potatoes!!!  After only eating 2 ounces, I was stuffed.  New foods include fish, chicken and turkey.  I celebrated on Saturday by hitting the gym and actually lifting weights.  It’s stunning how much strength I had lost in just 6 weeks.  I paid for my exuberance in the gym by being sore for the next 3 or 4 days.  Oh well, as they say – “No pain, no gain.”. 

As of today I am 55 pounds down and have lost 3 sizes in my pants!!!  As you may guess this is quite exciting to me.  All my shirts droop and my pants are baggy.  I tossed all but 1 pair of my fat pants and am still wearing the shirts.  Sometime soon I am going to go shopping.  I would like to get down 1 more size before shopping as I am very close to getting there.   It’s also been COLD here too, and I hate to get out to shop.  The other good news is the rest of the family is eating better and losing weight.  It’s such a blessing to have the whole family go work out with me, even though Charlie is now stronger than me and he rubs my face in it.

I have been doing very well following the stage 2 plan.  I have had a couple of episodes of dumping syndrome too.  Dumping syndrome does WONDERS for developing willpower, let me tell you.  For me the dumping syndrome events involve nausea, cold sweats, getting very pale, and feeling weak.  It’s not the worst symptoms, but it does make sure you are staying on the plan.  Once was when I ate too fast for breakfast, so I have started getting up earlier so I can eat slower.  The other has been drinking the decaf coffee at church.  I can drink decaf from anywhere but there, go figure.  The dumping syndrome does tend to freak everyone out, so for their health, I try to avoid it too *grins*.

My whole mental attitude toward all of this is fantastic.  I have to thank the doctors and staff at Columbus Bariatrics.  They did an excellent job preparing me for what was going to happen.  For me, knowing what is going to happen makes me much more able to deal with it.  As everyone that knows me can attest, I hate unpleasant surprises.    I have also found a noticeable improvement in my energy and activity as my weight loss has occurred.  I am much more attentive and energetic at home and at work.  I know early in stage 1, I was feeling some frustrations regarding my perceived lack of progress, but now I know I did the right thing.  My next doctor appointment is February 19th.  I get to add pork, rice and pasta – I think.   Thanks for all of you that have to put up with me rambling.

 God Bless!