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Indy Mini & TLAC

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

It’s now 10 months post surgery.  In some ways seems like only yesterday, other ways seems like its been a way of life for me.  I really struggled getting below the 200 pound mark.  I spent a month toying with it.  I changed gyms and started going regularly again. I highly recommend the trainers at  I’ve been working out over a year and have not been nearly as sore as I have been after their supervised workouts.   The results clearly speak for themselves as I have dropped 8 pounds in the 3 weeks I have been working out there.   I have now lost 124 pounds wich leaves me only 14 pounds from the doctor’s goal weight.  My goal is to lose 34 more pounds.  I know I can, I just have to be disciplined about what I eat and how much.I entered the Indianapolis Mini Marathon.  I have 208 days to get my act together.  The whole family will be running!  So I should say WE have 208 days!   I have my goals for the next few months cut out for me.  I would love to run it all the way.  I am confident that we can finish it, I just would like to do well.   I have several friends that are running with me. is the link to sign up and join me.  Hurry up, because it will sell out.  Friends tell me this is the most enjoyable mini that they participate in.  Who knows – I may even compete in more than one next year!

It’s been awhile

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Yeah, I keep hearing that from my friends and family.  It’s been awhile…It sure has!  I have now lost 107 pounds.  Where in the world did it all go!?!?  I can now eat pretty much anything but sugar and bread – good thing too.  Because going on a cruise restricted would have been no fun!  Just a side note, but did you realize that you can get sugar free deserts and fruit even on a cruise?  I’ll have to give a shout out to Carnival Cruise Lines for their healthy choices.  I proved you can lose weight, even on a cruise.

Here is another interesting observation from someone formerly claiming to be, “Big boned.”.  I am now in an average sized man’s wardrobe – key here is average now days is still large!  So, I am not the big guy coming down the halls anymore.  Well, the problem is, I still see myself as a “big guy” – just that others don’t.  So when I go barreling down a crowded hallway now, people don’t move for me.  Now a 100 pounds ago, that was not a problem.  Today is a different story.  Not that I mind moving now, as it’s much easier to weave in and around the people that are just standing there or shuffling along.  They warned us at the bariatric center that things like this would happen, but who woulda thunk it?  Not me!  I have quite a few more stories I’ll be sharing in coming weeks.  Let me hear back from you on your observations.