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4 Weeks Post Surgery

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I have made it to 4 weeks post surgery.  Only 2 more weeks of stage 1 eating – woohoo!!!  I did great with the Christmas Dinner.  I had lima beans and good ol’ homemade mashed potatoes like everyone else and had a tiny sliver of ham.  I chewed it up really good, and enjoyed my meal without feeling like I was missing out.  My wife makes the best trash (that would be chex mix for those of you not blessed enough to be Southern) and I was really good there – only at 1 piece of mix and a pecan at one time.  It was just enough taste to suit me.  Since the recipe is loaded with butter and bacon grease, you better tread lightly.

Yesterday was Lisa’s birthday and traditionally we have always taken the birthday boy or girl out to eat at the restaurant of their choice.  We went to a mexican place because re-fried beans are on my list.  I ate my 2 ounces off her plate!  They were the best darned beans ever!

I finally made it to the gym today.  I got in a couple of leg lifts that didn’t use the abs (think calves and hip abductor/adductor)  and a good 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I was nearly back up to my old intensity by the end of the session.   Oh yeah, I am 37 pounds down as of today!

Surgical Followup Doctor Appointment

Monday, December 21st, 2009

I had my post surgery followup appointment on Friday 12/18.  Everything looks good.  They were tremendously pleased at the progress I have made.   I have lost 25 pounds in the 17 days after surgery!  I was a little disappointed at the lack of inches around the waistline, but I was assured that is normal.  I had only shrunk an inch when they measured me, but the weight is peeling off.  I am supposed to walk more and get more and more active.   High activity makes my side hurt, much like the old stitch in the side we got when we were kids.  They told me this is normal too.  Overall, I am feeling very positive about the results.  I have been following the program 100% and it clearly shows.

They said this is the toughest part of the program. My hunger and desire to eat real food is returning, but I am still restricted to a soft foods diet.  This is normal too.  I try not to focus much on food, so that I can block it and not let it bother me.  So far it is working.  The protein shakes curb any feelings of hunger that I have.

My family has been super supportive.  All of them are eating better and losing some weight as a result of this.  It’s hard for everyone to eat correctly  since we are now in “eating season” – The period from Thanksgiving until Valentines is known as that.  The family is still having some goodies, but  not nearly as many.


Saturday, December 12th, 2009

It’s been a little over a week since surgery.  I am getting used to the soft foods diet.  They told us before surgery that we would not want to eat, but we would have to.  Amazingly, they were right!  It is a chore to eat even the 2 ounces that I get for each meal.  The challenge to eating is the “Can’t drink 30 minutes before or after” rule.  Those that know me, know I am always drinking something!  Yesterday I tried getting up and eating breakfast first thing.  Not a good idea…talk about dry!

I was able to make it to the Bari Support group on Thursday night.  The dietitian was surprised to see me so soon.  I had to  run back to the doctor’s office on Friday to pick up a stupid form.  Then I went to see some friends at a Christmas party.  I was not able to stay very long due to pain.  Here I am almost 2 weeks out.  Where in the world did that come from?  Oh well, I will take it easy again the next few days and see how things go.  The good news, was no pain medication last night.  I did get to enjoy being with friends, even if for a short time.

Woo Hoo! I made it!

Monday, December 7th, 2009

It is now Monday, and I was released from the hospital on Friday, 12/4.  The surgery went fine, no problems other than the doctor realized that I do have very good abdominal muscles.  I was walking almost a half mile within 12 hours of surgery.  The morphine was used sparingly, but it and the anesthesia kept me somewhat foggy until Sunday, hence the lack of updates.

I had heard about how this part of the hospital stay or that test was the worst.  To me, the worst was going into the Operating Room.  Seeing all those people in there, all gowned up, the big lights, and the cold starkness of the room made my hair stand on end!  Lisa did take a couple of ‘nice’ pictures of me after I came out of recovery.  I’ll have to remember to thank her for that.

I am beginning to figure out this stage 1 meal plan.  I tried to drink from a sippy cup on Friday night.  That was bad!  Nothing like a gas lock going all the way through you.  The meals are 2 OUNCES for each meal.  Usually a protein like eggs, cheese, or beans, and a carb like mashed potatoes or grits.  1 OUNCE of each.  I have to spend 20 – 30 minutes eating that ‘meal’.  Oddly enough, I am very full after the meals.  I am not much in the mood to eat anything right now.  Food commercials on TV make me queasy.   The protein shakes are 3 times a day too.  They are pretty good.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include thank you to all the people who have assisted us during this time.  Thanks first to my Creator, Lord, and Savior for answered prayers, and the many many people who prayed for me.  The peace I felt while in the hospital and beyond was indescribable.  Special thanks to Steve, Tami, and Tony who came and sat with Lisa and visited while in the hospital.  Thank you to Sara, James, Bridgette, Tami and Gail who gave us rides.  Thank you to my wife Lisa for her tremendous support during all this.  I have to also thank my children, Jenna and Charlie.  They were able to keep the house running and functioned so well with great independence during this. God is Great!